Moisture sensor FS-3

Sensor cable SK-3

Controller BG-3

The composition of measuring gas is subject to fluctuations. A condensate slip behind the cooler can happen. Moisture sensors installed in the cooler output indicate such a slip. This will generate the respective signals/alarms in the control system, combined with suitable controllers.

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Moisture sensor FS-3

❏ Extremely fast warning at the beginning of the condensation

❏ Sensor versions with cable break monitoring

PVDF,1.4571, Epoxite resin, 1.4576, PTFE
Cable length
Standard 4 m, 4 x 0,34 Quadrat
Max. operating pressure
2 bar
Operating temperature
3° C up to 50° C

Sensor cable SK-3

❏ 4-pins

❏  PUR halogen free, DIN VDE 0472

❏  A-coding

❏  water-resistant

❏  Quick and easy installation

Contact: CuSn
Contact surface: Ni/Au
Knurl: die-cast zinc, nickel-plated
Handle body: TPU, flame retardant, self-extinguishing

Plug / socket size
Conductor cross-section
0,34 mm2
Protection class
Ambient temperature (operation)
-5° C up to +80°C
Rated current in A
4 A/250V
Cable Ø
4,7 mm
Cable length
2m or 5m

Controller BG-3

❏ LED- display
❏ Adjustable response delay time
❏ 1 Changer output

Supply voltage
24–240V DC and 50/60 Hz AC
switching output current
AC up to 3A / 24V DC 1A
Protection class
IP 20
Cable length
max. 4 m
Dimensions (w x h x d /mm)
22,5 x 95,5 x 86

Order numbers

Moisture sensor FS-3:R000131
Sensor cable SK-3-2 (Length 2m):R001120
Sensor cable SK-3-5 (Length 5m):R0001121
Controller BG-3 for moisture sensor FS-3R000132