Gas analyser 

The robecco gas analyses RGA-CGM5 serves the continuous gas measurement e.g. CO, CO2 SO2, NO, O2. It is universally applicable for operational-, exhaust-, raw gas and process measurement.

Three different measuring methods can be selected depending on the measuring gas: Infrared absorption / electrochemical cell / paramagnetic measurement method.

The principle of infrared absorption allows the simultaneous measurement of up to five infrared gas components.

DOWNLOAD specification sheet robecco Gasanalysator RGA-CGM5

Gas analyser RGA-CGM5
Three principal measurement methods: Infrared absorption, electrochemical cell, paramagnetic measurement method
(simultaneous) Measurement of up to five gas components
System status indicator and message output
2 limit messages configurable per measuring component
Measuring range switching per measuring component
Display for measured value indication
Flow control and display of flow rate
internal monitoring for condensate
Control of zero point drift
low maintenance
optional: two separate gas paths


Robust housing with compact 19 “3U
plug 483 mm x 133 mm x 354 mm (w x h x d)
ca. 4,6 kg
Ambient temperature
5°C – 30°C
Infrared photometer
measurement accuracy
under 2%
measurement methods
electrochemical cell (O2, H2S)
infrared absorption (CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, CH4, H2O)
paramagnetic measurement method (O2)
5“ graphic display (LCD), 240 x 128 Pixel
Measured value display in mg/m³, ppm and vol. %
Languages: German, English, French, Polish available
Zero-point correction
sensitivity correction
Manual with calibration gas, optionally automatic
Air pressure correction
Maximal 5 analog outputs 4…20 mA, Bürde max. 500 Ohm
Digital outputs 24V DC / 0,4 A potential free (e.g. Malfunction, maintenance, maintenance requirements, limit values)
Limit values
freely configurable
2 limit values per measuring component
Power supply
85-264V, 50-60 Hz, 40 W
Technical characteristics PHOTOMETER
– emitting module
– cuvettes
– reflector module
– 4-channel pyrodetector
– detector module
1μ bis 9μ
Power supply
Power consumption during operation
about. 20 W at ambient temperature of 30°C
simultaneous measurement of up to four infrared gases
no mechanical moving parts


Gassmallest measuring range infraredsmallest measuring range electrochemical
CO0 – 100 ppm
NO0 – 225 ppm
SO20 – 70 ppm
CO20 – 20000 ppm
CH40 – 278 ppm
O20 – 25 Vol%
additional gas components and measuring ranges optionally available


RGA-CGM5, 1 gas path, 1. CO: 0..5.000 ppm without O2:R 001475
RGA-CGM5, 1 gas path, 1. CO: 0..5.000 ppm | O2:0..25% EC
R 000916
RGA-CGM5, 2 gas paths, 2x CO: 0..5.000 ppm & O2: 0..25% EC
R 000992
option. extension robecco RGA-CGM5, CH4:0..500 pm
R 000993
option. extension robecco RGA-CGM5, O2: 0..25%, paramagnetic EC
R 001102