Fine filter FF-3 

Filtration of the finest particles. Fine filters are installed at the point of entering the analysis system and before sensitive system components.
Filters must be corrosion-resistant and non absorbent.

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Fine fiter FF-3

• Simple Installation, simple maintenance
• Quick-release fastener
• Quick and easy filter changes without tools
• Option to drain condensate in the filter glass
• Bypass connection in the filter head (G1/4), connection options for bypass, moisture detector or ventilation
• Corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent
• Use in explosive areas 2G
• One filter element is included with delivery
• Variable wall fixing element included
Filter head: PVDF
Filter cover: Glas
Gasket: Viton
ca. 0,8 kg
Operating temperature
max. 100 °C
Operating pressure
max. 4 bar
Ambient temperature range for Ex area applications
-5 °C ≤ Tamb ≤ 60 °C
Filter porosity
2 μ
Filter area
B 60 mm (w.o. fixing parts) x H 132 mm x T 103 mm (with fixing parts)

Filter element FF-3 E2

5 pices per packaging unit
Filter surface
60 cm 2
Filter porosity
2 μ

Order numbers

Fine filter FF-3R000125
Filter element FF-3 E2 (PU 5)R000218