IN-SITU Oxygen analyser ROC-3 

The In-Situ Oxygen analyses is used to measure oxygen in industrial furnaces and other incinerators at temperatures of up to 600°C (optional 1400°C).

The measurement is based on the low-maintenance and reliable technology of Zirkonium dioxide. ROC-3 is a compact and robust sensor with high measuring accuracy, very low drift of measuring signal and a long lifetime.

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Oxygen analyser ROC – 3
Reliable technology
Simple operation
Measuring cell with very low drift
No test gas required
Measuring values checkable at every time
Test air connection at the probe, optional
Easy to maintain, modular design of sample probe and electronics
For temperatures up to 600°C,
optional protection tubes and lter available for high dust concentrations and temperatures up to 1.400°C
10m connecting line


Measuring probe

Edelstahl 1.4571
Immersion depht
350 mm / 500 mm / 1000 mm / 2000 mm
3“ 150 lbs
other dimensions om request
Protection class
IP 65
Flue gas temperature
max. 600°C / 1400°C with special protective tube
Ambient temperature at the sampling point
-40°C – +150°C
Filter porosity
Filter von 10μ – 100μ

Electronic unit

Material housing
Sheet steel, IP 66
400 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm
Measuring range
0–1999 ppm O2
0–5 / 0–10 / 0–21 / 0–25% O2
Output signal
Analog output:4…20 mA
RS 232, Modbus RTU by RS 485
Digital output: =2 min, O2 max, maintenance, malfunction
> 0,1% O2
at ppm Bereich > 0,5%
Illuminated LED
Ambient temperature
0°C – 50°C
Power supply
0°C – 50°C


ROC-3 IN-SITU Oxygen analyser 140–240V / 50 HzR002615
Prefilter F-115-E10R002616