Dear customers and business partners,

we hope that you are doing well and it seems that world wide pandemic situation is going to have improved a little bit. Nevertheless since a couple of days the world is faced by another terrible war situation.
We hope that this war will stop as soon as possible and politicans will soon find back to the table of dialogue.

Turnkey safety concept by robecco

As you may already know in 2020 robecco company has integrated the complete inerting business of Yara at Bad Hönningen site.
We are now able to provide a full state of the art package of preventive explosion protection equipment based on one interface. This package is according to the upgrade of the CEN TR 15281 guidance on inerting to DIN EN 15281 for the prevention of explosions and fires that will be published in 2022.

New employee: Achim Rott – former Yara Head of inerting

Today we are happy to announce that Mr. Achim Rott, former Yara Head of inerting, has started working in robecco company as of March, 1st 2022.
Mr. Rott is a well known expert for all kind of inerting applications with a 30 years experience in this market.
robecco is offering turnkey CO2/N2 emergency inerting systems for nearly all applications e.g. coal and secondary fuels in cement, limestone and power plant industry. Other inerting applications are sewage sludge processing, biomass, minerals, chemistry and food industry plants.

The combination of robecco gas analyzing technology, robecco secure center and robecco inerting systems is a unique solution guaranteeing highest safety standards.

All robecco explosion protection systems are manufactured and designed based on intensive collaboration and communication with safety experts of our customers and the relevant European technical rules.

robecco will support you in all activities to develop your market and business.

We trust in your collaboration with robecco and we are happy to work together with you.