Article in the magazine Global Cement | Edition 2. 2022

In Discussion:

robecco & Thorwesten Vent

Global Cement recently spoke with Robert Becker, founder of inerting expert robecco,
and Berthold Bussieweke, head of sales at explosion protection systems producer
Thorwesten Vent, about the development of explosion protection in the cement sector,
with a focus on alternative fuels and future trends.

Global Cement Magazine February 2022

Berthold Bussieweke has been Head of Sales at Thorwesten
Vent since December 2010. Before this he had an extensive career
with GEA Group, particularly within its marine business unit.
Thorwesten Vent is a manufacturer of explosion venting devices,
launching the first self-reclosing explosion vents. Cement sector
clients represent around 80% of the company’s business.

Robert Becker founded robecco GmbH in 1995. The company
is engaged in the field of inerting systems for industrial processes.
It began working in the cement sector in 1999 and the sector now
represents 70% of its client base. It was the first supplier to offer a
complete gas detection and inerting system package to the global
cement sector.